Paperless Environment

The advancement of science and technology has undeniably improved the life of man and enhanced certain aspects of the society. It has truly helped us in making our work easier and faster. As years pass by, certain kinds of technology are continually being developed in order to achieve progress and development in the society. These inventions in our continually changing society have led to numerous proposals, one of which is the proposal towards a “Paperless Environment.”

“Paperless Environment” is a proposal which strives to save the environment by reducing the trees being cut down in making papers. This means that instead of using papers in work, in home, or in the classroom, modern gadgets will be utilized, especially the computers. This proposal has led to positive and negative reactions of the people.

Many believed that this will give great benefit especially that in an office used to be filled up with papers, it was an enormous task to arrange these files in racks and maintain them. There was always the danger of fire or other means of damage that would result in permanent loss of those papers. If any of these happened to take place, the files would be irrecoverably lost which cannot be replaced. There was always the need for a permanent solution to this, and the result was the emergence of “Document management”, which has resulted in a paperless environment in most of the offices today. (

Besides the general convenience and speed that going paperless provides, managing your life electronically also can help save the earth. When you go paperless, you require less paper, ergo you reduce the number of trees that have to be cut down. The number of trees saved when you do it the e-way is pretty significant. (

It might sound easy, but to make an office, paperless demands a lot of problem solving related to industrial needs. It is all about managing your documents in such a way so that it is within your reach whenever needed in the desired form without wasting extra time and space. The evolution of computer has added to the simplicity of office work, and the process of document management is possible only with the help of a computer. (

In my own opinion, it’s hard to achieve a fully paperless environment. While it is true that we can reduce the number of trees being cut down through this proposal, Also, there are many disadvantages and problems regarding that particular kind of environment. Not all people have computers and that we consume more electricity in doing that. Our energy sources will greatly be consumed. Also, it’s really hard to live life without papers. We greatly depend on it for our work.


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